And the winner is... Blesabee! Our project on sustainable beekeeping has won the 2020 EU VET Excellence Awards in the category Erasmus+ Distance Learning. Thanks to all who showed support, and who voted for us!


"I used the Duplex-Framebox in combination with the Varroa Controller as recommended. I am fully convinced!"
Thomas Renner, Schneegattern

The Duplex-Framebox

The Duplex-Framebox

We have developed the Duplex-Framebox so that beekeepers can easily reduce the number of breeding cells by caging the queen, with important benefits:

  1. Catching the mites: About 90% of the mites are now in the two remaining brood frames.
  2. Higher honey yield: Less brood activity causes bees to collect more nectar and pollen.
  3. Efficient heat treatment: As there are only two brood frames per hive, you can treat more efficiently.
  4. Easy creation of nucleus: Heat-treated and thus mite-free brood allows ideal conditions for creating new colonies.

A detailed explanation on the Duplex-Frameboxes and its use is included in our handbook and in our videos. Our Duplex-Framebox accommodates two frames. It is completely made of aluminum, and can easily be cleaned in the steam wax melting machine.

Download our handbook on heat treatment

Learn more about Duplex-Framebox

Assembling a Duplex-Framebox
Wolfgang Wimmer explaining the Duplex-Framebox

Varroa Controller Models and Duplex-Frameboxes

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