And the winner is... Blesabee! Our project on sustainable beekeeping has won the 2020 EU VET Excellence Awards in the category Erasmus+ Distance Learning. Thanks to all who showed support, and who voted for us!

Apitherapy symposium

26.09.2020 — 27.09.2020
Crottendorf, Germany

We are pleased to present the Varroa Controller at this year's apitherapy conference by Jürgen Schmiedgen, founder of Beecura.

For apitherapy it is absolutely necessary that the hive products are free from harmful substances such as organic acids. The event is organized by Jürgen Schmiedgen, apitherapy beekeeper and inventor of Beecura, a system for inhaling hive air. More information about apitherapy and the conference can be found on the official Beecura website.

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